Stopping the Law on RES in Serbia also means stopping the road to Europe

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Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said on the occasion of a letter from EPS, EMS and the Energy Agency, claiming that Serbia will be without electricity because it will have renewable energy sources, that stopping the Law on the Use of RES means stopping investments, and that changes in the energy system are inevitable, despite resistance and obstruction.
Speaking on TV Happy, she said that all public companies in the electricity sector, representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the non-governmental sector, and investors participated in the drafting of the Law on the Use of RES, the ministry said.
– The adoption of the law was preceded by a wide public debate, in which EPS and EMS also participated, and everything they said was in the law. Suddenly, we have a situation where they do not want to implement the solutions in which they participated and that the laws do not apply to them. These are state-owned companies and are obliged to implement the state’s energy policy. The people who run companies in the electricity and gas sectors are people of the past, who must understand that energy is not the same as ten years ago and that obstructions are unnecessary – the Minister stated.
As she said, we cannot live in the past, we need people for the future.
– The world is in an energy revolution and we must be part of that global flow and introduce changes in the energy infrastructure, in order to be energy self-sufficient and independent in the coming decades – she said.
Mihajlovic explained that Serbia needs to use all energy sources, and that stopping the Law on the Use of RES also means collapsing the business and investment environment.
– The reason why they are protesting is the slow investment in both EPS and EMS. The Electric Power Industry of Serbia has not built any capacity for 30 years, EMS is realizing its investments very slowly and we have to invest a lot of money in the coming period in order to ensure energy security. Nothing will happen overnight, but we need to diversify the energy mix, we must not allow ourselves to depend on only one source – said Mihajlović, eKapija reports.