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Stronger support for domestic fashion and textile industry

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In our textile industry, we have good companies that can produce for the domestic market as well as for foreign companies, and that is why it is important to bring world-famous brands that want to cooperate with our producers, said today the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež.

At a meeting with representatives of the Luss Textile company and fashion designer Stefan Djokovic in Raška, he pointed out that the desire of our textile sector is to create a hub for domestic designers and the fashion industry and provide support, both in the procurement of materials and logistics, as well as in promotion abroad.

“Through the hub, we want to connect domestic fashion designers with manufacturers, who could help with the procurement of materials, production of collections and export procedures. At the same time, we will work on the strong promotion and internationalization of domestic brands and their positioning on the world market”, said Čadež.

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He added that in the coming period, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce will focus on supporting companies like Luss Textile in order to achieve cooperation with global fashion houses such as Prada, D&G and LVMH brands.

The owner of the company Luss Textile Savo Mitrović, which specializes in creating collections of luxury brands and cooperates with Italian and German partners, said that professional and trained personnel are important in this industry so that companies can respond to market demands and have continuity in production.

He pointed out that this company is interested in cooperation with other global brands, as well as that it is ready to support domestic designers in the production and distribution of fashion collections.

Mitrović added that the construction of the factory, which is planned to open next year, is underway, and that employees are already being trained. The factory is being built in Kruševac, the foundation stone for it was laid at the end of June this year, and it will employ 500 workers.

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