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Subotica-Based Company Shows Interest in Developing ‘Bačka Topola’ Wind Farm

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The company ‘Electron Energy Beta’ from Subotica has submitted an initiative to the administration of the municipality of Bačka Topola for the adoption of a decision on the development of a detailed regulation plan for the construction of the wind farm ‘Bačka Topola’ in the cadastral municipalities of Njegoševo, Novo Orahovo, and Gunaroš.

This company is engaged in investment management in the field of renewable energy sources and intends to initiate the implementation of the project for the construction of the local wind farm, recognizing this area as ‘promising for harnessing wind energy,’ as stated in the initiative.

On an area of approximately 1,125 hectares, this investor is interested in constructing four wind turbines with access roads and an underground cable network system, which will interconnect the wind turbines and the entire complex with the point of delivery of the produced energy into the existing power grid.

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The proposed detailed regulation plan covers about 83 parcels across three cadastral municipalities, including roads.

The initiative states that, regarding the selection of the area for wind farm construction, consultations were held with the Environmental Society ‘Arkus’ from Bačka Topola concerning the impact on biodiversity. It was concluded that this location would have the least impact on the environment due to the planned interventions.

“We emphasize that the realization of this project will bring multiple benefits to the development of the municipality, as well as to the citizens and the local population, which can generate income in the process of resolving property and legal relations, as well as during the construction of the wind farm, for which capacities from the Bačka Topola municipality will be engaged, states the written initiative by ‘Electron Energy Beta’.”

The Bačka Topola Municipal Assembly members will consider the Decision on the preparation of the Detailed Regulation Plan for the construction of the ‘Bačka Topola’ wind farm at the upcoming session. If adopted, after the plan is drafted at the expense of the investor, the document will be made available for public inspection.

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