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Improved cooperation between Serbia and Switzerland in avoiding double taxation

Serbian Finance Minister SiniĊĦa Mali and Swiss Ambassador Urs Schmidt signed on Tuesday a protocol between the Governments of Serbia and Switzerland on amending...

New environmental rules for Serbian companies exporting to the EU

The European Union continues the path of complete decarbonization. In that way, Serbian companies that export to EU countries are now forced to join....

Are consulting services of foreigners taxed in Serbia?

Domestic companies often hire consultants from abroad for their needs, which means paying a certain fee for the services rendered. A problem can arise...

How to reduce profit tax based on investment in innovations?

Taxes are a mandatory category, but there are ways to reduce them through the application of prescribed tax deductions. It can be a significant...

What are the tax obligations of buyers and sellers of gold bars?

Prospective gold investors in Serbia may be wondering if they have the right to buy gold bars. Under Serbian regulations, individuals are certainly entitled...

Tax reduction can stop fuel price increase in Serbia

The price of crude oil will jump to more than 100 dollars per barrel on world markets by the end of the year, which...
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