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Improved cooperation between Serbia and Switzerland in avoiding double taxation

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Serbian Finance Minister Siniša Mali and Swiss Ambassador Urs Schmidt signed on Tuesday a protocol between the Governments of Serbia and Switzerland on amending the bilateral agreement on avoiding double taxation of income and property.

The original contract was signed in Belgrade in 2005, and has been in force since January 1st, 2007, the announcement states.

That agreement has a legal effect on bilateral economic relations between Serbia and Switzerland, the Ministry of Finance announced.

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According to Mali, the changes bring harmonization with the Multilateral Convention for the implementation of measures aimed at preventing the erosion of the tax base and profit shifting related to tax treaties – treaties on the avoidance of double taxation, signed in Paris in 2017.

In addition, as stated in the announcement, the solutions related to the taxation of company profits, taxation of related companies, taxation of capital gains, as well as the exchange of information between the competent authorities of the contracting states, have been improved and clarified.

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