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A tender has been announced for the construction of science and technology parks in Kruševac, Niš and Čačak

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The Ministry of Public Investment has announced a tender for the construction of science and technology parks in Kruševac, Niš and Čačak. The total value of the investment is 70 million euros.

The Government of Serbia announced that the tender for the construction of science and technology parks in Kruševac, Niš and Čačak is a significant step towards the development of the national innovative infrastructure, which gives special importance to the technological and innovative sector in Serbia.

“More than 1,600 male and female engineers will work in the new facilities. These new jobs will contribute to the faster development of the IT sector in Nis, Kruševac and Čačak,” the announcement states. It is important to note, he adds, that the ICT sector is the fastest growing sector in Serbia in terms of exports and the number of jobs.

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This year, exports of almost four billion euros are expected, and the number of employees is growing despite the crisis, and in the entire ICT sector is more than 107 thousand.

“The new facility in Niš will be built in the northwestern part of the NTP Niš complex, between the multipurpose lamella of the Faculty of Electronics and the Student Center restaurant, which will include close to 9,500 square meters for office space and between 900 and 1,000 square meters for laboratory space. The planned capacity of the facility is from 700 to 1,000 users,” the announcement states.

The new NTP building in Čačak will cover 12,700 square meters, at the Cer location, and will have 6,000 square meters of business space, which will house over 30 companies.

In Kruševac, adds the government, the NTP will be located at the location of the former administrative building of HI Župa in Dedina. It will occupy an area of ​​1.6 hectares, where there will be a main building, conference rooms and 39 business modules intended for the work of technological and research-oriented companies for over 200 users.

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In the second part, 14 production modules of 280 square meters each are planned. The total area of ​​the hall is about 4,000 square meters.

“By building these parks, Serbia continues to create favorable conditions for the development of innovative startups, research centers and educational institutions. The start of construction is expected in January 2024,” the announcement reads.

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