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We will repay the EBRD loan for science and technology parks by 2032

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In June, Serbia signed a loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) worth 80 million euros, intended for the expansion and construction of science and technology parks (STP). From the draft law on the loan, it can be seen that Serbia will repay Tranche 1 of this loan in 15 equal (or approximately equal) half-yearly installments, on June 20th and December 20th of each year.

The beginning of repayment of this loan tranche is December 20th, 2025, while the last installment is scheduled for December 20th, 2032.

Tranche 2 of the loan repayment should be repaid by Serbia in 13 equal (or approximately equal, as far as possible) half-yearly installments, also on June 20th and December 20th of each year, with the first loan repayment date being December 20th, 2026, and the last loan repayment date being December 20th, 2032.

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As the Government of Serbia announced after the contract was signed, out of a total of 80 million euros, 70 million euros were earmarked for the additional construction of the NTP, while ten million were earmarked for the BIO 4 campus in Belgrade. Seventy million euros are earmarked for the additional construction of NTPs in Niš, Čačak and Kruševac.

What is the plan for NTP Niš?

As part of the “Research and Development in the Public Sector” project, in 2020, Serbia built the facility of the Niš Science and Technology Park with an area of ​​14,096 square meters. The value of the investment was 12.5 million euros.

On September 24th, 2020, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia reached a conclusion on the basis of which, through a subsidy, money was provided to support the work of NTP Niš in 2022 in the amount of 20 million dinars.

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The new loan taken by the state from the EBRD envisages the construction of a new building with an area of ​​over 13,000 square meters.

The total area of ​​the NTP will be 17,105 square meters. Out of that, the leasable area will be 12,691 square meters, and the expected space used by the laboratories will be 926 square meters. Space allocated for offices and production is 7,714 square meters. The planned common area is 4,051 square kilometers.
NTP Niš is owned by the City of Niš (40 percent), the Republic of Serbia (40 percent) and the University of Niš (20 percent).

And what is the plan for the NTP in Čačak?

The current NTP facility in Čačak has an area of ​​5,240 square meters and was acquired by the Government of Serbia. The value of the investment related to the building is 270.5 million dinars.

24 companies operate there, 15 of which are virtual. In terms of maturity, there are 16 startups and eight technology-development member companies with a total of 90 employees.

In addition to the adaptation of the facility, the procurement of equipment was also carried out, for which the Government allocated 60 million dinars through the Ministry of Education.

On the basis of this conclusion, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development has provided, through a subsidy, funds to support the work of the NTP in 2022, in the amount of 12 million dinars.

With the expansion, which would be financed from the EBRD loan, additional square footage in the amount of 12,368 square meters is planned. The building will then have a total area of ​​12,759 square meters.
Of that, as stated in the contract, the area that can be leased is 10,237 square meters, and the expected space used by the laboratories will be 686 square meters.

The space that can be leased for offices and production will be 6,798 square meters, and the production capacity will be 1,546 square meters.

NTP Čačak is owned by the City of Čačak (40 percent), the Republic of Serbia (40 percent), the University of Kragujevac (eight percent), the Institute for Fruit Research (four percent) and two business associations (eight percent).

Business incubator Kruševac

The Business Incubator was founded in the city of Kruševac and covers over 1,630 square meters, where 19 companies operate. As stated in the Bill, it is necessary for the industry in this part of Serbia to revive again, and for this reason, the construction of the Regional Industrial-Technological Park in Kruševac is planned.

“The existing business incubator in Kruševac would continue its life, but it is important that their idea be expanded and modernized, since the need of the mentioned region exceeds the current capacities of the Business Incubator Center,” the Bill states.

The regional industrial-technological park Kruševac should cover over 11,000 square meters.
By the way, Business Incubator Kruševac is 100 percent owned by Garad Kruševac.

Green certificates for newly constructed buildings

The new buildings that will be built as part of the project will receive a green building certificate.
Renovated buildings will achieve at least a 30 percent improvement in energy efficiency in case of reconstruction.

The project will achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and reduce primary energy consumption by at least 174 gigajoules per year.

Before the very beginning of construction of the facility, and no later than December 31th, 20223, activities should be completed, which include, among other things, the engagement of consultants for construction support and supervision, the tender process and project preparation activities.

According to the contract, the beginning of the actual construction and the completion of the construction of the facilities should be by December 31th, 2025 at the latest, and the completion of the project, including the purchase of furniture and equipment, should be by February 28th, 2026.

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