According to the article 71. and article 70. paragraph 1. PPL (Off.Gazette RS No.116/08)

Economical association Thermal powerplant
Nikola Tesla ltd. Obrenovac



During 2012, for the needs of maintenance of the facilities inside the economical association, public company Electrical Industry of Serbia, Economical association Thermalpowerplant Nikola Tesla ltd. Obrenovac intends to conduct the open procedure of the public procurement of the services, estimated price exceeding 50.000.000,00 dinars and in the part regarding: first phase of revitalization of the piping system of the boiler, unit B1, Thermal power plant Nikola Tesla – Company part TENT B.

Within the scope of the capital overhaul boiler part of the facility in 2012 disassembly- assembly services with TWD( testing without destruction) methods and scaffolding works inside the boiler will be done on the following parts of the boiler facility:

b) Piping system of the boiler and with the belonging equipment uder pressure:

– Evaporator: from the elevation +72,5 m to +113 m, with outlet collectors of teh evaporator,

– Additional economizer ECO 1A, with collectors, stirrer, following equipment and belonging hanger sticks,

– Feeding pipeline of the additional economizer with hangings, armature, as well as belonging coonnective pipelines.

– Straight pipes and bent pipe elements (dog – pieces) of inlet and outlet unit of te eceonomizer, superheater, reheater, on the part of the passing through the evaporator, with the belonging antiabrasive protections,

– Superheater 1, with hanger pipes and belonging antiabrasive protections,

– Reheater 2, with hanger pipes and belonging antiabrasive protections,

– Reheater 3, with hanger pipes and belonging antiabrasive protections,

b) Valves (safety valves, Bypass – high pressure, injection),

e) Soot blowers and water cannons,

f) Movable post burning grate – Rost,

Deadline for the procurement realization is; April – Septembar 2012.

Contact person: Miodrag Kokanovic, phone no.: 38111/205-54-796, e-mail: 44001

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