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Tender for Corridor 10 northern section

Minister of Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjic said yesterday that the Serbian government has announced a tender for the construction of the northern branch of Corridor 10, from Novi Sad to Horgos and from Subotica to Kelebija.

In a statement to Tanjug news agency, Mrkonjic said that the plan is to complete the entire Belgrade-Horgos-Kelebija highway by completing the construction of the ring road around Novi Sad and the Beska Bridge by the end of this year.

The Minister said that a tender for the construction of 110 kilometres of the highway was announced on December 31 last year.

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He explained that the tender has been announced for the construction of sections of the highway from Novi Sad to Horgos, on sections between Horgos and 28 kilometres from the border, from the 38th kilometre to the 98th kilometre as well as the section between Kelebija and Subotica.

Mrkonjic said that the tender deadline is February 1 and that it will be completed by February 5, adding that he hopes that domestic companies will take part in the construction but the tender is open to foreign companies as well.

Border crossings selected for export-import of herbs

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Waterpower Engineering of Serbia has selected the border crossings for export and import of herbs, herbal products and prescribed facilities.

These are:
– for transport by rail: Vršac, Dimitrovgrad, Subotica, Ristovac, Šid, Kikinda, Prijepolje and Brasina;
– by road: Vatin, Gradina, Horgoš, Preševo, Mali Zvornik – Novi most, Sremska Rača, Kotroman, Batrovci, Bogojevo and Gostun;
– by river: Veliko Gradište and Bezdan;
– by air: Belgrade.

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Postal parcels with herbs and herbal products can be imported and exported only at border crossings Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad.

(Vojvodina Investment Promotion – VIP)

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