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Textile products from Leskovac in Germany, Italy, Greece

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Bim Tex textile factory increased production

Leskovac-based Bim Tex textile factory managed to increase production by 10% and export by 20% in 2010 against the previous business year, while oscillations in the Dinar exchange rate represent its most important problem at the moment.

Five years ago, Bim Tex started operating in a new and beautiful hall spanning almost 5,000 square meters. The company exports its goods to the markets of former Yugoslav republics, as well as Greece, Italy and Germany.

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According to the words of Bim Tex CEO Sasa Cvetanovic, in spite of the fact that the company had a secured market and increased export, they had to put a significant effort in order to end the year 2010 without losses.

The company has 50 employees and it annually produces 500 tons of yarn for men’s socks and knitwear and nets for meat industry, which is also unique range of products in Serbia.

Bim Tex is known as a socially responsible company and a participant in numerous humanitarian actions. Each year they help General Hospital in Leskovac and they set aside RSD 200,000 for the recovery of earthquake-stricken Kraljevo.

The success of Bim Tex textile industry is even bigger if we know that 12,000 textile workers and experts used to work in the Leskovac textile basin before the change in property relations, while now the payroll list includes less then 400 employees and all former public companies are now closed.

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