The average August net salary amounted to 75,282 dinars

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The average August net salary in Serbia amounted to 75,282 dinars, and when looking at the areas, the most earned were employees in computer programming and consulting activities, whose average was 246,832 dinars, which is four times more than the August average of employees in wholesale and retail trade of 61,814 dinars. 

Trade workers, however, were not the ones who had the lowest incomes for August, because less than them was received by employees in art, entertainment and recreation, where the average was 61,759 dinars, accommodation and food services – 46,679 dinars and other service activities – 52,485 dinars.

Incomes lower than average were also received by those working in education, who received an average of 69,281 dinars, in the processing industry – 65,154 dinars, and in agriculture, forestry and water management – 62,292 dinars.

On the other side of the list, where there are those with six-figure incomes, there are employees in professional, scientific and technical activities whose average was 100,109 dinars, electricity and gas supply 104,310 dinars, mining – 107,730 dinars, then in financial and insurance activities – 117,349 dinars.

By far the highest paid field, which includes computer programming, is the field of information and telecommunications with an average of 185,765 dinars, reported Tanjug.