The average salary is (not) enough for a summer vacation in the pre-season for two people

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There are great expectations from the upcoming tourist season, both in the region and in the favorite destinations of the citizens of Serbia, above all Greece and Turkey.

Given that this activity is quite affected by travel restrictions and various conditions that tourists had to meet in order to enjoy a summer resort, it seems that a glimmer of hope for better days and more guests in resorts is returning.

In Montenegro, they hope for serious income if the pandemic is under control and if the political situation stabilizes, said recently the president of the Montenegrin Tourist Association, Zarko Radulovic. He reminded that for two years now, tourist representatives have been suffering the consequences of the crown and political instability in the country.

“It simply came to our notice then. “Let’s let us prepare the season ourselves this year,” says Radulović, as reported by the Mina agency.

At the same time, Croatia is rated as the sixth holiday destination for Europeans, primarily Poles, French and Austrians.

However, the citizens of Serbia, according to their habit, or the “thickness of their wallets”, prefer the pre-season in Greece or Turkey.

A holiday for everyone’s pocket

Offers have already appeared on the websites of travel agencies – price lists, summer vacations in the pre-season, but also in the season. As the official minimum salary in Serbia is 35,000 dinars, and the official average salary from November is 69,000 dinars, this year enjoying one of the beaches is or could be another blow to the household budget.

For example, the period from June 11 to 22 in Evia (Greece) costs 149 euros per person. Only accommodation is included in that price, for reservations until March 15. Depending on the hotel, arrangements of 109 euros can be found. The term a week earlier is even cheaper, so you can spend the summer for only 85 euros per person. July and August are more expensive, the price range is from 150 to 215 euros.

Holidays for two people in the cheapest arrangement would cost 170 euros (plus transportation, which can be as much). To that should be added food, daily expenses – ice cream, juices, alcoholic beverages, water, and one average salary could cover a holiday in the pre-season, although it is always good to have a few dinars or euros more.

In any case, if it is not a problem for you to prepare food during your vacation and go shopping in one of the hypermarkets, you can afford a “cheaper” vacation.

Another example comes to us from our interlocutor who performed the calculation based on the experience from previous years. As he says, a summer vacation on Thassos from the middle to the end of June on his own can cost up to 2,000 euros. A family of four, if they go by car, should fill the tank with fuel three times, accommodation costs 700 euros on average, and daily expenses for 12 days in the place go up to 500 euros.

On the other hand, vacation in the true sense of the word costs much more, and is not widely available. If you want air transport, all inclusive, in season, a hotel of medium category, we come to the figure of several hundred euros. Although, a family of three can have a vacation for 1,650 euros, in a period of ten days at the end of July and the beginning of August, ie in the height of the season.

We have chosen in Turkey as an example a hotel 18 kilometers from the famous resort of Kemer. The price we mentioned includes air transportation, all taxes, accommodation, three meals plus snacks, hotel beach, swimming pool…

At the beginning of this year, the Tourism Fair was announced, which should be held from March 24 to 27, if the epidemic situation allows it. It is an opportunity to find cheaper arrangements and get discounts for certain destinations.

Of course, as long as the coronavirus pandemic lasts, you should also count on possible changes in the arrangements, depending on the country you decide to spend your vacation on.