The Company Zijin is an example of what mining in Serbia should look like

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said that the work of Zijin is an example of a successful partnership between the state and investors, which shows what mining in Serbia should look like, and that the common goal is to invest in environmental protection.
She said at the annual session of Zijin in Bor, where the report on the work for the previous year was presented, as well as the company’s plan for 2022, that investing in environmental protection and green mining is a common goal.
“I congratulate the management and workers on the results you have achieved, and on behalf of the Government and the Ministry, thank you for everything you are doing, although last year was not easy, but together we managed to overcome all challenges. We are proud that RTB Bor is operating successfully, because not so long ago it was about to be shut down, and this part of Serbia lives from mining. The opening of the new mine Čukaru Peki is especially important, which means that Serbia has taken a new, high position on the European map,” she said.
Mihajlovic stated that the goal is additional investment in the field of environmental protection.
“What our wishes are this year is for the business to continue in compliance with all the laws, but also the standards of environmental protection. I believe that, as before, we will reach a joint solution, especially since the development of green mining is in the business plan of Zijin, and that is certainly the position of the Government, which will not make any decision that is not in line with the highest environmental standards. We have done a lot together, but we have a lot of work to do in the coming years,” she said.
Mihajlovic pointed out that the Government provides support to the workers and management of Zijin, as well as to the local self-government, in order to further improve working and business conditions, primarily in the field of the environment, Danas reports.