The Electric Power Industry of Serbia is working intensively on improving thermal energy capacities

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After the end of the production process in TENT last year due to bad weather conditions and breakdowns, EPS plans to further improve its thermal energy capacities in the coming period.
For this purpose, two tenders were announced related to the adjustment of block A3 due to the reconstruction of blocks A1 and A2, and a tender for the design and procurement of equipment intended for the second phase of revitalization of block B2.
Revitalization of blocks A1 and A2 in TENT
The tender documentation states that blocks A1 and A2 are the oldest propulsion systems in the Nikola Tesla thermal power plant, which have been operating continuously for 50 years. During the 80’s of the last century, they were reconstructed in order to work in the district heating regime intended for heating Obrenovac.
According to recent studies conducted by EPS, the units are already running out of power, so their reconstruction, increase in production capacity and extension of working life are necessary. All of the above is planned within the Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia until 2025, the Energy Strategy of the City of Belgrade and the General Plan of Belgrade until 2021, which envisages a significant increase in the number of heat users from the centralized supply of Belgrade.
According to EPS, in order to start this extensive process, it is necessary for other production systems to take over the role of blocks A1 and A2 during the reconstruction.
The tender that was announced envisages that block A3 will be temporarily adjusted so that, in addition to electricity production, it also has the possibility of producing thermal energy for heating Obrenovac.
The technical specification states that the contracting authority must keep in mind that the adjustment of block A3 is of a temporary nature, and should be guided accordingly in the preparation of technical documentation.
It is envisaged that new equipment will be procured and installed for this purpose, which will function until the revitalization of blocks A1 and A2 in TENT. It is added that the client working on the technical documentation has the opportunity to use some defined parameters from the recently developed conceptual design.
The second tender announced by the Electric Power Industry of Serbia includes the design and procurement of equipment for the second phase of the revitalization of Block B in TENT, which, let us remind you, recently had an accident due to damage to the mill wheel.
In the first phase of revitalization, the worn-out heating surfaces and other equipment were replaced, and the boiler steam production was increased from 1,880 to 2,000 t/h.
The second phase includes works on the reconstruction of the heating system of the boiler plant with the aim of adjusting to the legal provisions of the emission limit values of nitrogen oxides below 200 mg/Nm3. Then, the performed works should enable the limitation of carbon dioxide emissions below 200 mg/Nm3.
This phase of reconstruction further envisages works on extending the service life of the boiler, changing certain parts and equipment, as well as the pipeline in order to increase safety. In terms of security of system efficiency, the plan is to implement measures to reduce the amount of uncontrolled air, the so-called “fake air”, to ensure better combustion of raw materials, eKapija reports.