The first international forecast of Serbian GDP growth is 7 percent

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Finance Minister Sinisa Mali commented on the forecasts of the Italian banking group Unicredit.
He said today, after the Unicredit group increased the forecast of Serbia’s GDP growth to 7 percent for 2021 from the previously predicted 4.2 percent, that this is the first international projection that growth this year will amount to seven percent, as well that with this growth, our country would be among the three fastest growing economies in Europe.
Mali said in the Government of Serbia that he can already say that the growth of the Serbian GDP in 2021 will amount to at least 6.5 percent.
He reminded that the IMF earlier in its forecast raised the growth of the GDP of Serbia this year to six percent, as well as that the Government of Serbia predicted the growth of six percent with the budget rebalance.
“We already know that it will be at least 6.5 percent,” Mali emphasized, adding that Unicredit Bank was the first to come out with a growth projection of seven percent for our country.
He pointed out that this means for the citizens not only the confirmation of a responsible economic policy, but also the right strategy of investing in infrastructure and ecology.
“And if we achieve that growth rate, we will be among the three fastest growing economies in Europe, which opens space for additional investments, in the field of environment, infrastructure, but also further increase of salaries and pensions. I am satisfied with this report,” said Mali.
He said that we must achieve a GDP growth rate of seven percent this year, in order to be among the three most successful economies in Europe this year, RTV reports.