The Government of Serbia has adopted a bill on the payment of 100 euros to young people

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The Serbian government has adopted a bill on the payment of 100 euros for young people. The bill is expected to be presented to the Serbian Parliament tomorrow.
At today’s session, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Bill on the Provisional Register of Citizens of the Republic of Serbia aged 16 to 29, which pays financial aid to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, in order to reduce the negative effects of the pandemic on growth of economic activities,” the Government announced.
Financial assistance in the amount of 100 euros (in dinar equivalent at the official middle exchange rate of the dinar against the euro determined by the National Bank of Serbia on the day this law enters into force) is intended for persons aged 16 to 29 on the day of entry by virtue of this law.
Applications for citizens whose proposed legal solution determines the right to financial assistance, and who are citizens residing in the Republic of Serbia and have a valid ID card, will be made electronically, through the portal of the Treasury from 15 to 30 January 2022.
“After entering basic personal data (ID number and bank name), they will be registered, whose status they will be able to check on the portal of the Treasury. If someone does not have a bank account, they need to choose the bank where they will a dedicated account will be opened automatically,” the statement said.
Recipients of financial social assistance and persons in the institution for the execution of criminal sanctions, financial assistance will be paid automatically, ie without submitting an application, N1 reports.