The issuance of green bonds of Serbia is in preparation

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Today, the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, chaired the first session of the Interdepartmental Working Group for the Preparation, Development and Implementation of the Framework Document for the Issuance of green bonds of Serbia on the international financial market.
The tasks of the working group are to provide all necessary information and documentation for the development of a framework document for the issuance of green bonds on the international financial market, to evaluate and select projects to be financed from green bond issues, as well as to manage funds after the issue and reports to the Government and investors on the use of funds and the implementation of these projects, the Ministry of Finance announced.
Mali assessed that this is another indicator of Serbia’s commitment to the so-called “green agenda” and the increase of investments in environmental protection.
As he pointed out, the green bond market has been developing rapidly in the last few years with the aim of securing financing for projects that contribute to environmental sustainability in the broadest sense.
According to him, acceptable green projects can refer to renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution control and prevention, biodiversity conservation, sustainable water and wastewater management, green buildings and climate change mitigation.
“Every year, more and more people are investing in environmental protection in the whole world, and that is the policy that the Government of Serbia is guided by,” said Mali and reminded that the rebalance budget for 2021 provided additional 130 million euros for the environment, so that the total budget for that exceeded 200 million euros, eKapija reports.