The IT industry in Serbia expects that there will be no reduction in income

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In a survey for the Netokracija portal, 73.5% of employees in the domestic IT industry revealed that their incomes were not reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than half believe that their income will not be reduced this year.
The survey, in which about 700 respondents from the IT industry participated, also included experts who, in addition to software development, also work in the field of design, marketing and sales, human resources and administration, project management and other similar activities.
65.2% of respondents answered that they do not expect any reduction in salary in their case, while 16.9% believe that there will be a reduction.
More than half stated that there should have been a salary increase, and 47.7 percent do not believe in an increase, while 28% of respondents believe that they will not receive their annual bonuses.
Forecasts at the global level went in several different directions, from not expecting a serious crisis in the technology industry to expecting growth.
It is added that there is growth only if a certain IT area is not directly related to the most vulnerable sectors – tourism and hospitality.
Most domestic developers do not plan to change jobs, 45.3% of respondents believe that the growth of domestic IT will slow down, but that we will not feel the consequences, while 27% have the opposite view: this will be a crisis that will affect us all.
The rest of the respondents, 20.4% of them, believe that there will be no problems and that the industry will continue to grow because IT is recovering quickly.
The position of the developers also confirmed the opinion of experts: there will be a crisis, but its scope cannot be clearly predicted.
They all shared another common position: in these times, the focus in IT should be on technical skills, speed of delivery, quality and systematic cost reduction (and that, as they emphasize, not through layoffs), and all that companies will put in a much better position, Nova Ekonomija reports.