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The National Bank of Serbia has published the “Register of service providers related to virtual currencies”

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Currently, there are two companies in the “Register of service providers related to virtual currencies” of the NBS, and the decisions were made a little more than 10 days ago, i.e. December 16. The published documents state that the companies are registered for receiving, transferring and executing orders related to the purchase and sale of virtual currencies for the account of third parties.

Let us remind you that in June of last year, the Government of Serbia adopted the Law on Digital Assets, which regulates the field of digital assets and business in Serbia, and entered into force in June 2021 and Serbia thus ranked among the countries that, thanks to the adoption of this law, were the first to create a regulatory framework for the field of digital property.

In accordance with the above, the Law regulates the issue of digital assets and secondary trading of digital assets in Serbia, the provision of services related to digital assets, lien and fiduciary rights on digital assets, the jurisdiction of the Securities Commission and the National Bank of Serbia, as well as the supervision of implementation of the Law.

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Digital asset, i.e. virtual asset, according to the Law, is “a digital record of value that can be digitally bought, sold, exchanged or transferred and that can be used as a medium of exchange or for investment purposes, whereby digital asset does not include digital records of currencies that are legal tender and other financial assets that are regulated by other laws, except when otherwise regulated by this Law, it was indicated in the announcement.

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