The new fiscalization in Serbia will facilitate the work of both the economy and the state

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Today, the Minister of Finance in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Sinisa Mali, participated in the gathering on the occasion of presenting the new fiscalization model and told the producers of hardware and software solutions that the process is completely open and that everyone has equal chances to offer their technical solutions.
The Minister reminded that along with the Law on Fiscalization, the Law on Electronic Invoicing is a part of structural reforms that will significantly affect the improvement of the business environment in the Republic of Serbia.
“The introduction of e-invoices is an important step towards raising the competitiveness of our economy. This is another initiative that we started, and a month ago we presented this new system. We are starting with the introduction of e-invoices in 2022, and it is anticipated that e-invoices will be used by all companies that are subject to VAT, regardless of whether they work in the public or private sector,” said the Minister.
He said that he expects the manufacturers to discover possible deficiencies in the system in the next period, in order to be corrected as soon as possible, and noted that there are six months left until the beginning of application.
“As you know, in the previous period, the Tax Administration digitized all tax returns, inquiries, certificates and many other forms. The project is in line with the commitments and activities of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the field of digitalization of the entire state administration. In the coming period, the Tax Administration, together with the Ministry of Finance, will do everything to implement the new fiscalization model within the set deadlines, ” he said and called on producers to design solutions and apply for approval for the use of electronic fiscal device that is harmonized with new normative acts and regulations.
Marko Cadez stated that the new fiscalization of the economy enables savings, and also helps in the development of new business models.
“This is a big step in the fight for the competitiveness of the Serbian economy. We have a big job ahead of us, which means that we will establish this system, with all the virtues and values it brings, but also with as few dilemmas and problems as possible, within the legally prescribed deadline. It is a special pleasure that the economy is included in the process of introducing this important innovation,” said Cadez, Alo reports.