The price of raspberries will be from 600 to 800 dinars per kilogram?

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This year, the price of raspberries can be expected from 600 to 800 dinars per kilogram, primarily because the prices of chemicals, raw materials, labor and fertilizers have increased, said the president of the Association of Raspberry and Blackberry Producers in Serbia, Dobrivoje Radovic.

– The price of raspberries of 800 dinars is an average price of 250 dinars that was two years ago – Radović assessed for Nova ekonomija.

He believes that the price can exceed 800 dinars, depending on what the weather conditions will be like this year, because in the case of lower yields, there would be a greater demand for raspberries.

– The raspberry is in a very bad condition, with poor growth, the stem is very short and we can freely say that it will be a smaller crop than last year – said Radović.

As he reminds, the price of raspberries last year was solid, the vilamet variety was paid from 420 to 450 dinars per kilogram, and the export price of raspberries that was not picked in refrigerators “ranged from 700 to 900 dinars”.

– There are even higher prices of raspberries that go to Japan, ranging from 11.5 to 12-13 euros – adds Radović.

As he notes, the fertodi variety is 15-20 dinars more expensive, and the miker is 30-40 dinars more expensive than vilamet. There are also autumn varieties that are harvested twice a year, such as enrosadira, and its price was convincingly the strongest.

As Radović explains, the variety is enroded, grown on five to ten percent of the total area under raspberries in Serbia, in greenhouses and on raspberries equipped with anti-hail nets.

– The last harvest of enrosadira in Serbia ranged from 600 to 1,000 dinars per kilogram, that is somewhere in September, October, until the first snow, and those are the last prices of fresh raspberries on the Serbian market – Radović pointed out.

He reminded that last year, when there was a drought and when the temperatures in the whole of Serbia were high, the best were the youngsters who have irrigation, so they had a good seedling growth for this year, and the crop, according to him, was phenomenal.

An important factor that affects this year’s crop of raspberries is planting material, so in the coming years we should focus on its replacement, which is otherwise subsidized by the state, from 60 to 65 percent, said Radović, Vesti Online writes.