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The projects realized between two Forums

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Organizers of the Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF), the main International Investment Conference in the region, introduce some of the projects presented on SBF 2010, which have been realized

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Mohammad Amah Alfaresi, a Kuwaiti businessmen who visited Bosnia and Herzegovina last year for the first time solely to participate on Sarajevo Business Forum 2010, has already invested into several projects presented at the International Investment Conference 2010.

ITC Constructor Group d.o.o Sarajevo, founded by ITC Kuwait and owned by Mr. Alfares, invested 7.500.000 KM in the project “Educational hostel for male & female” at Ilidza near Sarajevo. Construction of this hostel is still in progress.

ITC Constructor Group also invested in the project “Bosnadrvo d.o.o”, a wood processing industry located in Kakanj. Procedure of Company establishment has been completed and the project is currently in the preparatory phase of business expansion.

The same company invested in the project “ITC Sarajevo Resort”, a complex of 30 vacation houses in Reljevo with a playground for children, boulevard, horseback riding path and a personal safety team.

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The project “Butmir – Building of Mala Aleja, Sarajevo, Ilidza” which values to 6.200.000 KM has also been invested by ITC Constructor Group. The building is already completed and completion work on the facade and interior are being realized.

LATIVA Company, also owned and directed by a Kuwaiti Mohammad Amah Alfaresi, invested into the project “Investment in specialized beekeeping cooperative APIMED”. This project, for which an investment of two million KM is needed is currently in preparatory phase of business expansion.

LATIVA invested in the project “Poultry production investment in BH”, Poultry industry which would be developed in many BH municipalities. The project bearer has sought via SBF 2010 for an investment for a feasibility study of two million KM. LATIVA Company contributed the amount and a feasibility study is being carried out.

Shakeb Elahi, CEO of Ardent Trading, a Dubai businessmen and a renowned trader of pharmaceuticals products has also visited Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time in order to participate on SBF 2010. Ardent Trading signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of business cooperation with a pharmaceutical company from BH two weeks ago. These two companies will sign the Cooperation Agreement with a value of dozens of million Euros on the forthcoming SBF 2011.

Taking account of the Confidentiality Agreement signed between these two companies, SBF is unable to reveal details about this project realization, yet a significant fact is that Ardent Trading will become an exclusive representative for this BH pharmaceutical company in the market of GCC countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh and several other South Asian countries. Ardent Trading has accomplished this significant business project owing to contacts established during SBF 2010.

Sarajevo Business Forum 2010 has also served as a platform for the realization of one of the most important multimillion media projects in the Balkans. Al Jazeera Balkans is set up in Sarajevo, and the studio of this prestigious media corporation will be located in BBI Centre. Al Jazeera Balkan Agreement will be officially signed during Sarajevo Business Forum 2011.

As one of Sarajevo Business Forum goals is to position the BH and regional companies on foreign markets, a business arrangement for Euroasfalt Company has been secured in Abu Dhabi. The value of the project is  estimated at several dozens of million Euros. Euroasfalt engineers have been working on the project implementation in Abu Dhabi for a couple of months now. Inspired by these positive outcomes, SBF has recently formed a Construction Consortium of five BH construction companies. The Consortium signed Memorandum of Understanding for joint entrance on foreign markets with a tendency to be joined by more regional companies in the near future.

Sarajevo Business Forum will, as soon as the companies approve, keep the public posted about the realized projects.



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