The recovery of the Serbian economy with new investments confirms the success of our businessmen

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The year is coming to an end, after a stalemate throughout the past year, caused by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the economic sense, it can be assessed as a path of sustainable growth.
This is supported by the fact that the gross domestic product of the Republic of Serbia reached the pre-crisis level in the first quarter of this year. After last year’s crisis periods, the foreign trade of AP Vojvodina returned to the previous path of growth and surpassed the exchange that was realized in the same period in 2019, said the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina Boško Vučurević.
Industrial production for the first nine months also recorded a growth of 5,4%. The processing industry of Vojvodina is growing thanks to the recovery of export-oriented activities. Regarding foreign trade in the first nine months, the value of exports of AP Vojvodina increased by 27%, and exports from the same period in 2019 exceeded by 23%.
In the past year, the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, through hundreds of gatherings, provided an opportunity for businessmen to discuss both the crisis and all other topics and problems that have arisen in the past period. We worked on connecting businessmen both through online platforms and at fairs, which were possible this year. Together with the Provincial Government, we continued to work on the promotion of our economy in the region and Europe. Through our associations and groups, we were open to the initiatives we sent to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and in that way influenced the change of regulations.
Our businessmen, above all, overcame the crisis year with their work, on a global level, and with the help of state measures, they continued to operate successfully. The economy did not stop at any moment during the crisis caused by the coronavirus, and it is up to us to be at your service and create the best possible business environment so that successful businessmen have their place and contribute to the overall development of the Republic of Serbia, Kurir reports.