The Serbian Chamber of Commerce is introducing support measures for the most vulnerable sectors

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Small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs in the sectors of tourism, catering and passenger transport, most affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, will have access to favorable loans from the Development Fund for liquidity and working capital, said Marko Chadez, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and representatives of the Ministry of finance, as well as representatives of the economy from these sectors.
Marko Chadez, the president of PKS, pointed out the necessity of the realization of measures as soon as possible, in order for the economy to recover and continue the business activity.
Criteria for loans, through PKS, were proposed by representatives of the economy and submitted to the competent ministries.
Loans of up to five years are envisaged, which include a grace period of up to two years and a repayment period of up to three years, the interest rate is one percent on an annual level, and the funds are approved and returned in dinars.
The maximum loan amount for entrepreneurs and micro legal entities is up to 166 thousand euros, which is double the amount, for small companies up to 666 thousand euros, and for medium-sized companies up to 1.5 million euros – the Ministry of Finance said.
Depending on the loan amount, users submit different collateral.
It was agreed at the meeting that the representatives of the sectoral associations of PKS, businessmen, representatives of the Development Fund, the Ministries of Finance, Tourism and Economy will define precise criteria for applying for this type of support.
The meeting in PKS was also attended by Dragan Stevanovic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Stevan Nikcevic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Sasa Stojanovic and Veljko Kovacevic, Assistant Ministers of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, representatives of Utah, Hores, etc., Srbija Danas reports.