The Serbian-Chinese industrial park will be built in Belgrade

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The Serbian-Chinese industrial park “Mihajlo Pupin” will be built on more than 480 hectares in the Belgrade municipality of Palilula, according to the data from the Study for early inspection of the Spatial Plan of the special purpose area.

The client of the plan is the Cabinet of the Minister of Innovation and Technological Development.

The location belongs to Kovilovo, and the land is mostly agricultural and is owned by the Agricultural Corporation “Belgrade” (PKB).

The plots on which the industrial park will be built were not sold to the Arab company Al Dahri during the privatization of PKB’s land, so they remained in state ownership.

The industrial park will be built in the immediate vicinity of the left side of the Danube, immediately after the descent from the “Mihajlo Pupin” bridge, it has the character of a coastal area.

The land that was predominantly used for agriculture is intersected by amelioration canals, uncategorized roads and a belt of protective forests.

Within the complex, there is also a former pig farm, which is not in function today, it is stated in the study, Nova Ekonomija reports.