The Serbian government has funded local authorities with the reconstruction of 12km of roads in Sabac

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The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated today that the Government of Serbia invested 833 thousand euros in the asphalting of 24 streets in Sabac and surrounding villages in a year, even though the local government was supposed to do that, her cabinet announced.
“These are local streets and that was the job of the mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic, but he did not want to do that. And whenever I come to Sabac, the same problem is everywhere – the mayor divides people into citizens of the first and second order, depending on when they vote. We are all equal and politicians must not divide people like that,” she said during a tour of the reconstructed roads in the villages of Jevremovac and Bogosavac.
She added that the residents of Jevremovac have been waiting on the street for two decades.
“After arriving here, I hear that Mayor Zelenovic sent trucks with earth there this morning, and I hoped that they would help. But they only came to throw the earth and soil the road. My message to Zelenovic is to take care of all citizens. Sabac can live better. I wish you all to be alive and healthy and to welcome us every time with a smile, because you got what you have been waiting for decades,” the Minister said to the gathered locals, Danas reports.