The Serbian government is close to the decision to annul everything with the company Rio Tinto

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Ana Brnabić, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, stated that the “Government is close to the decision” to annul all contracts with the company “Rio Tinto”, which researched lithium reserves in the area of Jadar in order to build a mine.
Speaking on Pink TV, Ana Brnabić said that “it is really on the verge of that” for the Government to accept all the requests and annul the contracts with “Rio Tinto” and Great Britain.
“We did not bring them, we did not promise, we did not do something that the people did not know, everything we did, we did transparently. We listen to our people,” said the Prime Minister.
She added that only “we need to see how big the guild is” and how much the interruptions of the agreement should be paid.
Brnabić stated that she would discuss this with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, RTS reported.