The Serbian government is subsidizing gas consumers since December

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At the session held before the end of the year, on December 29, the Government of Serbia passed a decree by which the price of gas for consumers was “frozen” at the level of the price that was valid in November 2021.

This means that the state will compensate the difference between the price of gas from November and the actual price paid at import, for all gas consumed starting from December 1, 2021. In this way, the state subsidizes all gas consumers from the budget, thus avoiding higher gas prices for end users.

The money will be provided from the budget of the Ministry of Economy. Those funds are not foreseen in the budget for 2022, so they will have to be covered from the budget reserve, ie the rebalance.

The Government of Serbia decided to subsidize the end users after the gas reserves from the warehouse in Banatski Dvor were used up in the last quarter, due to the production of electricity in TE-TO Novi Sad, since the overhaul of the block in Obrenovac was delayed.

Gas was also used for electricity production in December, after the accident at the TENT in Obrenovac, Nova Ekonomija reports.