The Serbian program My first salary starts in the fall

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The right to financial assistance from the state for the employment of young people in Serbia, for whom this will be their first job, through the “My First Salary” program, will have employers who apply first, and it will be possible to get money for every new employee in the fall, Blic writes.
As the paper finds out, the right to the state subsidy, which includes the employment of a total of 10,000 young people, will have employers who employ the first 10,000 people, for whom this will be their first job, and the application will most likely start in the fall.
“Blic” reminds that the state has prepared 170 euros for those who finished high school, or 200 euros for those with a university degree, which would be paid during nine months.
16.6 million euros will be allocated from the budget for this project.
According to “Danas”, trade unions and economists believe that the “My First Salary” program is part of the election campaign and a measure that will not contribute to employment.
“There is no guarantee that after a paid period of nine months, employers will hire these young people in their companies. This encourages unscrupulous employers to use the work of new employees while receiving subsidies and to simply fire them when it is no longer the case,” economist Milan Kovacevic told Danas.
Zeljko Veselinovic, the president of the United Trade Unions of Serbia “Sloga”, agrees with his opinion that this is an aspiration to win over voters in the upcoming elections.
“I have no doubt that most employers will use these young people as labor while the state pays for their jobs. The state’s financial assistance will enable employers to create higher profits while the youth who are employed through that program can only count on them to the employer will increase the basic salary given by the state only to the minimum amount, which means insignificantly,” said Veselinovic for Danas.

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