The Smederevo 3 substation will contribute to the energy stability of Serbia

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, visited the reconstructed substation “Smederevo 3” in Smederevo. The company “Elektromreza Srbije” invested 14.6 million euros in the reconstruction of that electric power plant, which increased its installed capacity by 75%.

Minister Zorana Mihajlovic stated that the 400-kilovolt substation “Smederevo 3” will contribute to the energy stability of Serbia, the Danube District and the secure supply of electricity to the Smederevo Ironworks, as well as other companies and future investors in the Smederevo area. She announced a new investment cycle in the field of energy and mining.

“Another important thing is the investment cycle that awaits not only this company, the director mentioned the amount of close to 750 or 770 million euros in the next nine or ten years. That is a lot of money for everything that ‘Elektromreza Srbije’ needs to do, but it is only a part of a large, practical investment package in energy and mining, which starts this year,” stated Zorana Mihajlovic.

The Minister visited the reconstructed substation with the director of the ‘Elektromreza Srbije’ ,Jelena Matejic, and the head of the Danube District, Jasna Avramovic. She stated that Serbia is developing and that this year it has 1.4 billion euros in inflow of foreign investments, which is almost 13% more than in the same period last year.

Mihajlovic also said that connecting with the region is a condition for development, as well as that the Trans-Balkan Corridor is one of the most important corridors and an unavoidable route in energy traffic, according to a statement from the Ministry of Mining and Energy.

“Gas corridors are equally important. We managed to open another gas pipeline and diversify our routes. It is important to diversify our suppliers. The construction of the Nis-Dimitrovgrad gas pipeline must start in the fall. In addition, project and technical documentation for our connection with Romania and Republika Srpska. To be both gas stable and not have problems with gas supply,” she said.

Jasna Avramovic pointed out, it is said in the announcement, that she is proud that one strategically important facility for Serbia is located on the territory of Smederevo and the Danube district, which has been developing rapidly economically in recent years and which attracts a large number of investors.

“And all investors first ask you if you have a road and enough electricity. With 220 kv we got a plant with 400 kv. Both the ironworks and all future investors can count on increased power and a stable system. Thank you on behalf of 70,000 users of the Danube district,” said Avramovic.

Jelena Matejic stated that the company “Elektromreza Srbije” has so far realized investments in the value of 330 million euros, and that it is planned to double that amount for the next ten-year period.

“Only this year, a new Bistrica substation was built, works in Srbobran are being completed, we are building the Trans-Balkan Corridor and reconstructing numerous substations and transmission lines. All this would not be possible without the support of the Serbian Government and the relevant ministry. We answered the pandemic challenges and continued to work and build and thus contribute to the continuity of development set by our state,” said Jelena Matejic.

Reducing energy consumption to be a national goal

Minister Mihajlovic said that on Friday, in Kraljevo, agreements will be signed with local self-governments on the replacement of carpentry, ie the increase of energy efficiency.

“On Friday, contracts will be signed and handed over to cities and municipalities that have met all the conditions for the start of the project. After that, the continuation of the procedure is in the competence of local governments, which announce two public calls – for companies and citizens,” she said.

She pointed out that “reducing the consumption of heat and electricity should be a national goal, that is why this project will last next year and we will need between 400 and 500 million euros in total.”

She emphasized the key role of households, ie individuals in this process, given the fact that the average energy consumption is 40 percent higher than in the EU, the statement said.

She also announced that bylaws will be completed in a month and a public call for subsidies for the installation of solar panels will be announced, and the procedure will be simple.

“We did everything to make the procedure simple and for everyone to want to participate in it. It is a question of using RES, a healthier environment and lower energy bills,” said Zorana Mihajlovic, RTS reports.