There is little chance of electricity restrictions this winter

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There is little chance that there will be electricity restrictions in Serbia this winter, the participants of the forum “Will there be enough electricity during the winter” agreed today, and pointed out that even in the case of the “worst case scenario” in our country there is a possibility of importing electricity, but warned that problems could arise in the event of power shortages throughout Europe.

There will be enough electricity and it is unlikely that there will be restrictions, but they are possible if there is an extremely cold three weeks, an extremely bad hydrological situation and a “failure” in the system, said the president of the Serbian Energy Association, Nikola Rajaković, at the forum and emphasized that the probability of that “worst case scenario” one to two percent.

Rajaković assessed that it would be “non-engineering” for him to put his hand in the fire and say that there will not be a single hour with problems, and that is why he is “putting in a reserve”.

“If there will be an average winter and average hydrology, and if the thermal energy sector is prepared, and the new management of Elektroprivreda is working on it, we should not be pessimistic and should at least scare the people”, said Rajaković.

Nenad Jovanović, energy advisor at LDK “Konsultants”, estimated that unplanned imports during the previous period cost Serbia about 1.2 billion euros, but he assessed that our power system is currently working perfectly and that it is “in order”, which is why optimistic about the upcoming winter.

“I believe that we have enough electricity from our own capacities, but for five gigawatts per hour.” For everything above that, we will have to import, we know that in the winter we go up to six gigawatts”, warned Jovanović and added that “we will be able to import additional quantities if other countries do not have a problem”.

“Everyone around us would have to be without electricity in order for us to be in trouble, but the question is how much it would cost us”, stated Jovanović and reminded us that, according to the long-term forecasts that are available”, such a severe winter” is not waiting for us. .

Energy expert of the Secretariat of the Energy Community Milka Mumović stated that Serbia, while facing problems in the power sector, imported 12 percent of its consumption in six months.

“As for winter, if everything goes as planned, Serbia should meet its needs. If something unforeseen happens, he can buy electricity, and it will only be critical if there is a shortage in Europe, but even in that case, the systems react and restrictions are the last resort,” Mumović stressed.

She assessed that the price of electricity in Serbia is “artificially low” and pointed out that this is why everyone who can replace another energy source with electricity.

“It may not threaten the energy sector, but it can threaten our financial system,” warned Mumović.

The program manager of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Antoine Avignon, indicated that it is difficult to predict what the weather conditions will be like this winter, adding that it will be an important factor for the power systems both in Serbia and in the EU.

“Generally, the situation in the EU is such that there is an ongoing energy crisis and energy prices are rising, but this started before Russia’s attack on Ukraine, so the EU took measures at the joint and national levels”, said Avignon and recalled that and France faced a dry summer and low water levels, due to which some nuclear power plants had to be closed, so it resorted to importing electricity.

When it comes to the future period, Avignon reminded that the EU is preparing through various measures, including the RePower Europe plan as well as the discussion on limiting gas prices.

“Regarding austerity measures, there is a sense of solidarity among citizens, people realized after the pandemic that they cannot behave as before and this sense of solidarity for Ukrainians, as well as in relation to health and energy, is what brings us together”, said Avignon .

The forum “Will there be enough electricity during the winter” was held as part of the EKO-SYSTEM: Support for reforms in environmental protection program, which is implemented by the Young Researchers of Serbia, with the support of Sweden, and during the Climate Diplomacy Week of the European Union, Danas writes.

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