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There is no need to panic, making oil reserves is not justified

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Professor of the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration (FEFA) Goran Radosavljevic says for H1 there is no room for fear and panic when it comes to fuel and we should not make reserves. “We also made sure when the crown began that making reserves was not justified,” he says.

He points out that people who survived the experiences from the 1990s and the Crown need a little to “light up” and start buying.

“I had experience from the supermarket, it was not possible to enter. It is not good to spread panic, there is oil on the world market, I would not panic too much, I am sure there will be derivatives. It is necessary that the government, but also consumers, do not spread panic “, says Radosavljević.

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He says that with this price of oil on the world market, and it is expected to grow, the real price is close to 200 dinars.

When the price was reduced, the price on the world market was around 91 dollars, now it is 111-112 dollars, after thawing the price will increase. Russia sells 10% of crude oil, if there is a cessation of exports, it is very uncertain that someone will be able to “OPEC has stated that it will not pursue production, which does not contribute to price stabilization. If there is a complete break, the question is how far price growth could go,” he said.

He adds that companies in Serbia have certain reserves.

“We have crude oil in two months, that’s very little, in Europe it’s about six months. Within two months, if we have difficulty getting oil, we may run out of oil, but we don’t expect that to happen”, said Goran Radosavljevic, N1 reports.

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