Trainings of the Business Academy of PKS

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The Business Academy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce has included in its offer the training “How to become and remain an efficient manager – Practical techniques for increasing effectiveness and efficiency in working with a team”. The new cycle will take place from March 1 to 3.

To help the economy respond to the challenges posed by modern management, the Academy has adapted training to managers and sector managers, business owners, company directors and anyone who works with people and has the task of motivating them and developing their potential.

In three days of intensive training, participants go through 12 modules. They include key management functions and challenges, tools for prioritizing and successfully selecting people and forming effective teams, creating standards of communication and conflict resolution, techniques for motivating teams, delegating tasks and tracking results, and key features for new leadership styles.

The goal of this comprehensive training for new leaders is for managers and executives to strengthen their organizational competencies, adopt effective techniques to motivate associates, lead meetings, and delegate tasks. At the same time, it can help them from a group through a team to a harmonized team, effectively measure team results, create fair reward systems and improve the quality of interpersonal relationships and the degree of loyalty within the company.

There are many bosses in the business, and few real leaders. While the former are focused on form, position and title, the latter are focused on achievements, results, missions and higher goals. They can drastically change the quality and productivity of an organization.

The modern business environment is changing with incredible speed and requires employees to constantly work on themselves, adopting new skills and knowledge. It is imperative for good managers, in addition to business, to constantly improve their competencies, react quickly to new situations and timely adjust business processes and build a quality team, Naslovi reports.

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