Transport, electricity, restaurants and hotels have become more expensive in Serbia

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In Serbia, in June, compared to the previous month, there was an increase in the price of transport, restaurants, hotels, furniture, and electricity. The increase in prices also occurred in the group of recreation and cultures, according to the report of the Republic Bureau of Statistics.
Prices of personal consumption goods and services in June 2021, compared to May 2021, increased by 0.3 percent on average.
Consumer prices in June 2021, compared to the same month last year, increased by 3.3 percent, while compared to December 2020, they increased by an average of 3.5 percent.
In the group of recreation and culture, prices increased by 2.2 percent, transport prices increased by 0.7 percent, and restaurants and hotels by 0.6 percent. Furniture and current maintenance of the apartment are 0.5 percent more expensive.
Prices from the group apartment, water, electricity, gas and other fuels and education are higher by 0.1 percent.
Prices from the group Health increased by 0.3 percent, while alcoholic beverages and tobacco and clothing and footwear increased in price by 0.2 percent.
The fall in prices was recorded in the group Communications, by 0.1 percent.
Inflation in line with expectations
According to the data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics, the year-on-year inflation slowed down in June compared to May and amounted to 3.3 percent, which is in line with the expectations of the National Bank of Serbia.
Compared to May, the price of tourist package deals and oil derivatives increased the most in June, while, in line with the usual seasonal trends, lower prices of fresh vegetables were recorded, according to the NBS website.
According to the NBS, core inflation, the consumer price index excluding food, energy, alcohol and cigarettes, continued to move steadily and amounted to 2.0 percent year on year in June, which is unchanged compared to May.
According to the central projection of the National Bank of Serbia, year-on-year inflation will continue to move within the target range of 3 percent ± 1.5 percentage points in the coming period, Nova Ekonomija reports.