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Unhindered supply of goods to citizens – 26,000 trucks entered Serbia

Transport Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said that the supply of goods to the citizens is smooth and that all procedures in the protection against coronavirus are being followed when transporting trucks through Serbia.
“All roads in Serbia are passable and this is now the most important because of the supply of goods to Serbia, as well as the flow of international transit through our country. Transport is vital and by this morning, at six o’clock, 26,000 freighters have entered the territory of Serbia, half of which are for supply of our citizens”, Mihajlovic told the RTS morning program.
She stressed that Serbia was the first to take all necessary measures and decisions in order to ensure smooth transit because it is important for all countries in the region.
The minister added that there are strict procedures and drivers are strictly controlled.
“All drivers are controlled by the border police, customs and sanitary inspection. Our drivers are in the truck until the goods are unloaded, then they go in isolation until the next trip. When it comes to transit, these trucks can stay for up to 12 hours in our country and drive in a convoy under police escort”, she said.
Minister Mihajlovic said that “the system is functioning, all services are working, and citizens can provide the greatest help by staying at home”, N1 reports.