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Viskoza plant’s buyer gets settlement for free

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The future buyer of the property of Viskoza plant in bankruptcy will also become the owner of the land outside the grounds of this former plant.

Almost the entire nearby settlement Gradiliste, comprising residential buildings and bus station, is built on the land that is still owned by Viskoza.

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Only the main road, going from Viskoza’s hotel to Banjski Put road, is a public surface, while everything else is the property of Viskoza or one of its plants.

Tomislav Arnautovic, a member of the City Council of Loznica, told Beta agency that the local authorities had asked the Privatization Agency of Serbia few years earlier to exclude such part of the property from the bankruptcy estate, but that had not been possible because of the bankruptcy proceedings.

The City Administration does not find it suitable to buy lots that are used as public surfaces so that it will try to solve that problem in the talks with the future owner of Viskoza.

– We have talked with the potential buyers of Viskoza and reached an agreement in principal that they return part of the property that the city has been using for decades if they become the owners – said Arnautovic.

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The Privatization Agency of Serbia has scheduled an auction for the sale of all ten remaining companies in bankruptcy within Loznica-based Viskoza holding for February 25.


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