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Vučić announced a big plan

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, was a guest on Tanjug television, where he spoke about the most important social and political topics.

Vučić says that the state now has enough money and that it wants to symbolically help young people.

– Now they say it is a populist measure. Remember that we also reduced salaries and pensions because our state was destroyed. People supported us when we took tough measures to save our economy, which was being destroyed by others. Today, we are in a situation to increase salaries and pensions – says Vučić.

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The OIN announced that in four years, the average salary in Serbia will be 1,000 euros.

– Our plan is for the average salary to be over 1000 euros in four years, in Belgrade it will be 1260 euros, and today it is 750 euros in Belgrade, and over 700 euros in Novi Sad, Alo reports.

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