Vucic: Opening of the high-speed railway on Saturday, we are late because of Hungary

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President Aleksandar Vučić announced that the high-speed railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad will be officially opened on Saturday, and that the opening, which was previously planned for March 15, was postponed for four days in order for the Hungarian state leadership to attend.

Vučić thus answered the question why the opening of the railway is being delayed now and why the deadlines for that railway, which were given in previous years, were broken even earlier.

The president said that his wish was for the railway to be completed as soon as possible, but that it could not be finished faster due to land expropriation and other problems.

He mentioned that he is happy that all citizens, as well as those who do not support him politically and now support the opposition, will finally be able to get on the fast train.

Vučić said that during the previous government, citizens could not even travel safely by any train.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of good leadership of the state, Vučić told a journalist who asked him a question.

Vučić mentioned that the railway could not be opened faster due to complex testing since it was made in two sections, as well as that the railway for a speed of 200 km / h had to pass special tests, analysis of rails and trains…

I am very happy that we did that, because it shows the difference between modern and successful Serbia and Serbia, which is supported by those who are supported by certain media in the country, Nova reports.