Zidjin announced tonight that it is investing in technologies, respecting laws and taking care of the environment while doing business

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The company stated that “it carries out its activities in Serbia in strict accordance with the laws, in accordance with the highest world standards in the field of mining and metallurgy and in the field of environmental protection.”

“Zijin Mining Group” stated that since the end of 2018, it is implementing two projects in Serbia – one in the former Mining and Smelting Basin Bor and the other on the Čukara Peka project.

It was also stated that “in accordance with the obligations from the strategic partnership in the former RTB Bor, the company Zijin Copper Bor is carrying out activities to create conditions for sustainable mining”.

It does so “through the modernization of ore exploitation and preparation, significant reconstruction and improvement of pyrometallurgical processes, with special emphasis on environmental protection, with the introduction of rigorous world standards in this area.”

The company has invested more than $ 1.2 billion in modernizing the process at the former RTB Bor, of which more than $ 170 million in environmental protection, the statement added.

So far, 455 million dollars have been invested in the Cukaru Peki project, the Chinese company added.

“In this way, we have largely solved the decades-long problem of polluted air in Bor,” the statement said.

It was pointed out that “the values ​​of all emissions are within the allowed prescribed limits, and very often far below those limits”.

“At the end of the year, new systems will be put into operation in the smelter, which will comprehensively solve the inherited problem of collecting and treating dust particles from the melting process,” it is stated in the announcement.

The company also stated that it has built a new plant for the treatment of wastewater from metallurgical treatment and a plant for the treatment of wastewater from the Veliki Krivelj and Novo Cerovo mines.

She stated that she also built a plant for the treatment of wastewater from the Jama mine and a plant for the treatment of wastewater from the Northern District of the Majdanpek mine.

“In this way, we have solved the inherited problems of inadequate treatment of mine and process wastewater and prevented further infiltration of heavy metals and other harmful components into the environment,” the statement added.

They also stated that “in the field of environmental protection, they pay great attention to greening the areas that have been covered by mining activities in the past decades, reducing noise, adapting the microclimate…”

“By January 2022, we had carried out biological reclamation on a total area of ​​almost 580,000 m2 and about 130,000 seedlings had been planted,” the statement said.

Ziyin Mining also stated that she has firm intentions “not only to fulfill every segment of the agreed obligations, but also to significantly surpass that”.

“This includes the inherited obligation to resolve the issue of regulating property relations at the site of the Krivelj settlement, which is located in the immediate vicinity of mining activities.”

It was pointed out that all activities are carried out together with the locals and the local self-government in coordination with the competent authorities of Serbia.

“Our goal is to jointly find a model that is sustainable for a longer period of time, so that the locals would not have any problems in the future during the development of mining activities that Zijin Mining has committed to Serbia and its citizens,” the statement said.

They also mentioned “that every purchase of land in other locations is done exclusively on a voluntary basis and with the full consent of the participants.”

Citizens of Bor and surrounding villages recently staged a protest in front of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, accusing the company of disrespecting environmental standards and taking away their land, Novi Magazin reports.