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Zlatara Majdanpek for sale for the 4th time – Starting price of EUR 4.9m

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The Privatization Agency has advertised the sale of the property of Zlatara Majdanpek, the largest domestic jewelry manufacturer. The starting price of Zlatara Majdanpek is 4,895,000 euros and the potential buyer will be obliged to keep all 377 workers.

The sale of this company has been accompanied by numerous controversies from the beginning. The Metal-processing Industry (IPM) was first sold in a tender procedure in 2006 to French company SCCM Rene Aumas from Paris, which later gave up the transaction.

After that, the management of the IPM asked the management of Mining-Smelter Basin (RTB) Bor, of which part it had been until the restructuring of the Bor-based company, to write-off its debts, exceeding 500 million dinars. The major share of the debts was for the delivered and unpaid 0.5 t of gold.

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Later, at a public auction, Zlatara was sold to Slovenian Laser Bled from Ljubljana at the price of 4.6 million euros. The contract was terminated because the Slovenian did not pay the purchase price on time.

But, being of the opinion that the Privatization Agency did not respect the legal procedure in the sale of Zlatara Majdanpek, Slovenians lodged a complaint, requesting to be enabled to buy Zlatara after all. They also pointed out that they had money to finance that transaction.


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