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12 pct more tourists visited Belgrade in September

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Twelve percent more tourists visited Belgrade in September compared to the same month last year, a Tourist Organization of Belgrade statement said, noting Serbia’s capital had 95,636 visitors that month.

Belgrade was visited by 79,838 international tourists – a 12 pct increase compared to September 2015 – mostly from Turkey, Germany, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Slovenia, said the statement, based on data from the Secretariat for Administration of the City of Belgrade.

TOB adds that, since the beginning of this year, 682,159 tourists have visited Belgrade (12 pct increase), specifically, 549,124 international and 133,035 domestic tourists, which is a 12 pct increase in both categories.

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In the period from January to September, most tourists were from Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, BiH, Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy, Russia and Romania.

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