200 million euros have been allocated from the Serbian budget to improve energy efficiency

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Improving energy efficiency is a national project that means reducing energy consumption and a healthier environment, and more than 200 million euros will be allocated from the budget for those purposes this year, Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said on Wednesday.
“We have provided more than 200 million euros in the budget for this year, because raising energy efficiency is as important as building a power plant. We throw the production of one power plant out the window every year, and by improving energy efficiency, we provide savings for both households and the state,” she said in Vrbas, where she visited the works on the reconstruction of the kindergarten.
The Minister added that the next public call for subsidies for the installation of solar panels will be announced in February, and invited all local governments to apply. She also confirmed that the state will continue to subsidize the replacement of carpentry and the change of heating boilers.
“It is important that the citizens recognize the importance of the projects, and we expect that an even larger number of citizens will respond to the next public call, which we are announcing to cities and municipalities at the end of the month,” said the Minister.
Mihajlovic pointed out that the ministry will provide relief for underdeveloped municipalities, as well as for socially endangered citizens.
“The goal is for all households to get the opportunity to replace carpentry. That is the national interest and the goal is to reduce consumption by at least 20 to 25 percent in the next few years, and the bills will be lower by 30, 40 percent,” she said.
She also visited one of the 35 households in this municipality in Vrbas, which received state subsidies for the replacement of carpentry on the family house.
“We signed a contract here six months ago and I believe that everything will be over in May. When the works are completed, the importance of improving energy efficiency will be seen. Instead of 72 thousand euros, the bills for thermal energy will be 13.5 thousand euros. Carbon dioxide emissions will be about 70 percent lower annually,” said Mihajlovic.
The president of the municipality of Vrbas, Predrag Rojevic, said that the completion of the works will provide better conditions for 700 students and 1,335 children in kindergartens.
“This project is also an indicator that the municipality is turning into energy efficient. Also, together with the ministry, we are implementing a project to improve energy efficiency, in which we participate with 35 households, which are economically and energetically empowered with the help of the ministry,” he said.
The Ambassador of Switzerland, Urs Schmid, is satisfied with the continuation of cooperation with the Ministry through which energy efficiency is improved.
“The value of this project is 1.5 million euros. Switzerland supports the ministry’s efforts to help local governments in this area. We are marking 30 years of cooperation between Serbia and Switzerland, and I am glad that we can work together with the ministry in the field of energy efficiency and the fight against climate change, which is an important segment of our future cooperation,” he said, Biznis reports.