Serbia has never moved faster towards the EU

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The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, stated in Brussels that Serbia will continue its work on reforms in the field of the rule of law without a break, estimating that the country has never gone so fast towards the European Union as now.
At a press conference with EU officials, following a session of the Serbia-EU Stabilization and Association Council, Brnabic said a “momentum not seen before” was currently in place.
“In December, we opened a cluster of four chapters within that cluster, we managed to make a revolutionary step by the citizens voting for a change in the Constitution, for an independent judiciary and an independent prosecutor’s office. We will not take a break regardless of the elections,”Brnabić said.
She criticized civil society organizations that did not support the constitutional changes, and which, in her words, “talked every day about fighting for the rule of law and an independent judiciary.”
“When that day came, they said ‘NO’, and we, led by President (Aleksandar) Vučić, pushed that issue out,” she said.
At a joint conference with European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell and European Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi, Brnabic said that Serbia would work on opening cluster three in accession negotiations in June and preparing another cluster for opening by the end of 2022.
She stated that the Serbian government will continue reforms in the field of rule of law, public administration, reforms that will further strengthen the market economy in Serbia, but also reforms in the field of the green agenda.
“The rule of law, public administration reform, economic reforms and the green agenda, and these four areas remain our key priorities in European integration,” she added.
Brnabić also said that Serbia “remains a stable destination for investors” despite the coronavirus pandemic.
“Serbia’s GDP growth in 2021 was 7.5 percent, which is one of the best results in Europe. The average salary will be higher than 600 euros in December 2021, we are still waiting for official data. Foreign direct investments in 2021 were 3.9 billion euros,” the Prime Minister said, BizLife reports.