A pandemic in Serbia has pushed a new type of real estate in Serbia

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As it has become obvious this year that many will continue to work remotely as a permanent solution, so has the need to find the ideal place to work.
In the sea of purposes that can be attributed to apartments for rent, there is a new trend on the market, which came to life precisely because of the pandemic and quarantine. The transition to more mass work from home, globally, was the trigger for the formation of a different category in the world of real estate, and that is apartments for work.
During 2020, it became clear that it pays to rent an apartment for that purpose, and why this year? Because in 2021, workers were still working from home, looking for the ideal way to make that work meaningful and productive.
On the other hand, financial uncertainty has led many to cancel housing units, and few have thought about renting apartments for work. The wealthier ones worked from hotels, and some from cafes (when they worked), in order to have peace and isolation.
As it has become obvious this year that many workers, ie in many companies – to keep remote work as a permanent solution, so there was a need to find an ideal place to work (preferably close to home).
So-called business apartments can be a better solution for owners as well, because they do not need to invest as in residential real estate, which certainly does not mean that the unit does not need to be equipped. But, instead of a modern kitchen, with large, classic elements – it is enough to get, say, an induction hob, a small refrigerator, a microwave oven.
Certainly, such apartments are a type of real estate that can also be used for housing, so in that case the apartment should be completely arranged. The trend has come to life especially due to the arrival of foreign companies in Serbia, but also the so-called digital nomads.
According to the Law on Planning and Construction, this type of apartment differs from an ordinary apartment, and is issued as an independent category in real estate transactions, although they do not bring turnover as classic types of real estate, and this should be borne in mind.
On the legal side, a cut should also be made in the sense that this type of apartment cannot be financed from a housing loan, and includes more expensive utilities and higher taxes. They are treated as “business premises”, and do not imply a VAT refund, as is the case with the purchase of the first apartment.
It should be borne in mind that the situation is complicated and that, if someone wants to convert a business apartment – into a living space, he is counting on cakes that can help him in easier organization and starting a business, Alo reports.

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