Agreement between the Oil Industry of Serbia and the Government of Serbia on environmental projects

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NIS signed a Memorandum on joint implementation of environmental projects and agreements on cooperation with 12 local governments to support environmental projects, in which NIS will invest a total of 911 thousand euros, with representatives of the Ministries of Mining and Energy and Environmental Protection.
The memorandum of cooperation was signed by NIS General Director Kiril Tyurdenev, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic and Minister of Environmental Protection Irena Vujovic, and agreements were exchanged with 12 local governments, on whose behalf the Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic addressed.
Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said that only all individuals, local governments, governments, ministries and companies can make great strides in environment by working together.
She said that the green agenda and the green transition should be our growth model that will enable Serbia to develop even more and that only together and with socially responsible companies can we make results.
The state is here to create conditions, our conditions are laws, green Serbia until 2040 and 2050, much more production of energy from renewable sources and sustainable development in a green way, Mihajlovic emphasized.
She stated that everything that local governments will do through projects is in fact a green agenda and added that we are facing changes in the field of energy and the environment and that is why all decisions are made jointly with the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
We are able to unite and show concrete results and projects what we can do in environmental protection and energy, says Mihajlovic and states that various criticisms and ill-intentioned suggestions are made, because every change makes resistance.
She reminded that the parliament recently adopted two important laws on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and that this is our future.
I hope that the field of environmental protection in the energy sector will be something that we will work on in the coming years, stated Mihajlovic.
Minister Irena Vujovic says that exactly 12 cities and municipalities are competing for the most important environmental projects, and points out that the social responsibility of NIS, which has directed funds to the protection of the environment, is important.
We talked about what is most needed, and that is the replacement of boiler rooms, arrangement of public areas, and construction of eco parks. We are in a great fight and in great challenges when we talk about environmental protection, and the main problem is the fight against air pollution, said Vujovic and added that any help means socially responsible companies.
He expects that other companies will follow the good example of NIS and states that a joint fight in the improvement of the environment is imminent, in which all individuals and companies and representatives of ministries must be included.
NIS General Manager Kiril Tyurdenev says that NIS, as one of the largest companies, strives to be an example in terms of successful business development, but also in terms of efficient environmental protection.
“These are equally important priorities for us. Since 2009, we have invested almost 120 million euros in environmental projects, but our investments in that area are many times higher, because we are implementing all our capital projects with the intention of improving environmental protection,” said Tyurdenev.
He stated that by continuing cooperation with the Government of Serbia and local self-governments, NIS is fulfilling its vision and its motto – to turn the future into action.
We continue with our friends from the Government of Serbia and local self-governments to beautify Serbia. We will work on it every day, despite the challenging weather, says Tyurdenev.
Agreements with local governments are focused on supporting environmental projects and will be implemented in 12 cities and municipalities where NIS conducts most of its business activities in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pozarevac, Nis, Cacak, Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Kikinda, Kanjiza, Novi Becej, Srbobran and Zitiste.
The total funds of 911 thousand euros will be directed to the improvement of environmental protection in those cities and municipalities through the introduction of solar power and lighting systems, replacement of boilers, arrangement of public city parks and park areas, planting of indigenous plant species, installation of innovative environmental park elements, solar lighting of the park, installation of recycling bins and containers.
The Mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, thanked NIS for 11 years of sincere and quality cooperation and struggle for a more beautiful, developed, safer and cleaner Serbia.
“I believe that this stage, which we are opening today in cooperation between the Government and NIS and us from the local level, proves that Serbia has strengthened enough, matured and strengthened to take into account every aspect of citizens’ lives and what is most often abused today,” said Vucevic.
He stated that the “Communities Together” campaign combines environmental protection and energy, and that these are not conflicting parties for achieving sustainable development.
As cities, we are ready to compete with the best projects and to take care of citizens in all parts of Serbia, and to already nominate ideas for 2022, says Vucevic.
This year’s competition of NIS’s social responsibility program “Communities Together”, which will last until July 5, will begin with the signing of an agreement with 12 local governments, and the selection of projects will be decided by a commission composed of representatives of NIS, local governments and energy and environmental protection.
Since 2009, NIS has invested around 11.8 million euros in the development of local self-governments and implemented more than 1,000 projects within the “Communities Together” program, Dnevnik reports.