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Agrobanka has become “forbidden topic” – shareholders - Serbia Business

Agrobanka has become “forbidden topic” – shareholders

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By failing to solve the Agrobanka affair, the Serbian government has for the umpteenth time demonstrated that it does not care about the rights of investors.

This is what the former bank’s shareholders said in a statement.

“Even those it is trying to attract with subsidies are slowly turning their back because they are convinced that the fight against corruption is only declarative,” the statement said, and added:

“None of the corruption cases, without which the big affairs could not have happened, has been prosecuted, all participants are protected because a large number has either infiltrated or is in the ranks of the ruling majority, making Agrobanka a forbidden topic, by the very top of the government.”

The Agrobanka shareholders said they would continue to struggle against the “state-financial-political-tycoon crime, until a final and just compensation.”