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All thermal capacities are in operation and the energy system of Serbia is stabilizing

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All thermal capacities are in operation and the electric power system of Serbia is stabilizing, primarily thanks to the superhuman efforts of EPS workers, ie miners at the mines and at the “Nikola Tesla” Thermal Power Plant, according to the Ministry of Mining and Energy.
They deserve our great respect and gratitude, because without them we would not be able to talk about the stability of the electric power system, said Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy Dejan Milijanović as a guest on Happy Television, the ministry announced.
He said that the production in TENT is at a high level, that all the units are in operation, but the maximum production capacity has still not been reached.
No problem, or solution to the problem in EPS, can happen overnight. We had several reasons why there was a delay in the work of the units in TENT, and heavy rainfall only triggered some chronic problems in the functioning of that company. EPS needs help, because it cannot solve these problems without the help of the ministry and the state, he said.
Milijanović pointed out that systemic solutions are necessary, primarily in the way of planning, investing and realization in EPS.
At the end of the winter season on April 1, EPS will start preparing for the next season.
In April, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Zorana Mihajlović formed the Working Group for Monitoring Security of Energy and Energy Supply, where we always received written and oral guarantees from EPS management that everything is ready for the winter season, and when it comes to reliability and when it comes to coal reserves.
The most important thing is that the state is there, we analyze the data at the sessions of the Working Group every day, we have provided enough energy, said Milijanović, Dnevnik reports.

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