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In the next five years, Serbia will get 7,000 km of sewerage network

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The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Tomislav Momirović, stated today that the plan is to build 7,000 kilometers of sewage network and more than 250 wastewater treatment plants in Serbia in the next five years.
He stated that an investment of four billion euros is planned for the realization of those projects.
Momirović said at the presentation of the Clean Serbia project at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce that the goal is to build such a sewerage infrastructure in the next five years so that 80 percent of the population has a collector and sewerage network and 80 percent of that sewerage network is covered by wastewater treatment plants.
“The situation is bad now, because we are dumping more than 90 percent of wastewater into rivers, and if we continue like that, we will destroy nature. That is why we have to change the situation from the bottom up,” he emphasized.
State Secretary in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Jelena Tanaskovic, assessed that the environments is a priority of the current Government of Serbia, which is confirmed by investments in that area.
“Last year, 68 million euros were allocated for the environment in the state budget, another 34 million euros were added in the rebalance, while for the next year, 300 million euros are planned from the budget and other sources,” she said.
She pointed out that the Ministry of Environmental Protection has realized several projects in the field of environment this year and that they will continue next year as well.
She also announced the financing of the replacement of individual fireplaces, boiler rooms in public institutions, Dnevnik reports.

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