Another Chinese factory is planned to be built in Zrenjanin

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In Zrenjanin, the construction of another Chinese factory is to begin, we learn, the so-called snitch, whose arrival has been agreed in 2018, and at the moment the contracting of the construction workforce is ongoing.

The location for that factory was determined in 2020 at the entrance to Zrenjanin, near the New Cemetery. It is planned that the tributyl phosphate factory, whose investor is Green Miles Chemicals, based in Novi Sad, will consist of three production lines, each with a capacity of 2,000 tons per year, with all the necessary auxiliary and supporting facilities and installations for the operation of the production lines.

The projected capacity of the factory is 6,000 tons per year.

According to data from the documents that were made available to the public, the basic project for the tributyl phosphate factory was made by the Chinese institute Tianjin Green-Chem-Engineering Chemical Technology Company Limited, which also designed the complete production technology.

The main products of the factory will be tributyl phosphate and triisobutyl phosphate, and secondary products will be dimethylamine hydrochloride and chlorobutane. Tributyl phosphate is mainly used as a component of hydraulic fluid and brake fluid in the aircraft industry.

The construction of the factory, as we learn, has been entrusted to the Chinese state-owned company China energy group, with which the Linglong company recently terminated the contract regarding the construction of the rubber factory in Zrenjanin. Linglong recently informed the public about the termination of the contract by announcing that China Energy Engineering Group had difficulties in hiring sufficient labor, so it. all this led to the impossibility of completing the contracted works within the agreed deadlines.

“In order to ensure that the project is completed when it was planned, we had no other choice but to terminate part of the contract with CEEC TEPC and hire new contractors to complete the works within the planned time frame. Our project in Serbia represents one of the significant steps in the realization our global strategy “7+5”, and the start of production of our factory brings numerous benefits, both to the Linglong company and to the stakeholders. Together with existing and new contractors, we will speed up the construction of the factory and start production in the near future”, they stated from Linglong.

That everything, however, remained in the circle of Chinese companies is also evidenced by the fact that the state-owned company China Energy is now engaged to build a factory, on land near Linglong in the Southeast industrial zone, while the CRBC company that built Pupin’s bridge will take over the complete work of completing Linglong.

CRBC is actually already working on the construction site of Linglonga, they had a contract for 30 percent of the works, in addition to another company CCCC, and when they take over the work they have to bring their own workers.

At the moment, as we learn, the biggest problem is where and how to find accommodation for new construction workers in a short time, of which there will be plenty, because there are not enough in Zrenjanin, Danas reports.