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Associations of serbian banks: it is best for loan users to drop the lawsuit against the banks

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Today, the Association of Serbian Banks (UBS) again recommended that loan users drop their lawsuits against banks, which are trying to prove illegal collection of loan processing, and in return the banks will waive the collection of their costs in this dispute.

A statement from UBS states that the amendment to the legal position of the Supreme Court of Cassation, published in September last year, stated that banks do not have to prove the structure of their costs in the price of the loan processing fee.

The association announced on the occasion of the announcements in the media in which it is mentioned that the clients will have to return the money obtained on the basis of legally adjudicated disputes to the banks according to the revision judgments of the Supreme Court of Cassation.

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“Until the amendment to the position of the Supreme Court of Cassation was adopted, loan users were massively called to sue their banks, often guaranteeing success in the dispute and illegally acquiring thousands of clients,” the UBS said in a statement.

It is added that banks have invested an extraordinary legal remedy, revision in all or almost all cases that they lost, so the Supreme Court of Cassation decided to supplement its 2018 Legal Position due to the arguments presented in those revisions and due to their large number. year, whose publication made it “unequivocally clear that the banks were legally charging the fee that was the subject of all these disputes.”

After supplementing the position of the Supreme Court of Cassation, UBS called on all loan users who sued the banks to waive their claims, after which the banks will not demand payment of their costs incurred in court proceedings, ie will not take legal action against clients for reimbursement. funds under those judgments.

According to UBS, a significant number of loan beneficiaries have already responded to the call and waived their claims.

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“The only right way for everyone who has any dilemma about their relationship with the bank, to turn to that bank in order to find a mutually acceptable solution,” the UBS recommendation.

The association of banking clients “Efektiva” estimates that so far about 30,000 people have received final verdicts against banks, which could now be in trouble because they will have to return the money already collected according to the verdicts, and the average amount is around one thousand euros, Kurir writes.

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